What is a Virtual Private Network and how is it useful to you?

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Many people have heard VPN or Virtual Private Network at some point in time in their lives. I am going to explain in simple terms what a VPN is and why it is useful to you, the user.


What Is A Virtual Private Network?


I want to be as simple about this as possible, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), is a group of computers that extends a private network and the resources contained in the network across public networks, such as, the Internet.



There are two main types of VPN’s: Site-to-site VPN and Remote-access VPN. The above image displays both of these types of VPN’s.

A site-to-site VPN establishes a secure connection over a public network like the Internet. This allows the Head-Office connect with both Regional Office’s, as well as allowing Regional Office 1 to connect with Regional Office 2.

There are two types of site-to-site VPN’s:

  • Intranet-based – Most big companies have remote locations that they may want to join in a single private network. Creating an Intranet VPN to connect each separate LAN (Local Area Network) to a single WAN (Wide Area Network).

  • Extranet-based – An Extranet VPN allows companies or users to work together on a shared network that prevents access from their separate Intranets, keeping them completely safe and secure. The image above shows the Remote/Roaming user connecting to the Head-Office, but still being completely separate from the Regional Office to Head-Office connection.

The next type of VPN is a remote-access VPN. This type of VPN allows individual users to establish a secure connection with a remote computer network. These users have access to the resources on that network as if they were directly connected to the network’s servers. Allowing them to have safe and secure access to all of the resources.

Why is a VPN useful?

A Virtual Private Network adds extra security to your internet connection that you already have. It encrypts the information you are trying to send or receive so that no “spies” can see what you’re doing. So let’s think about this for a second.. you’re sitting at Starbucks doing some work or even just browsing the internet. Do you really want someone else watching what you’re doing? A VPN hides your personal information. Big businesses use VPN’s to protect their assets and personal information.

Whether you’re browsing the internet, deciding what new movie you are going to download, or working for your company from home, a VPN is useful to everyone who uses the internet.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I never realized how much information was stored about me. Your website is almost scary to read.

  2. Runsworth says:

    When will you be writing another blog? I like your writing style. Dave is so technical I understand you easier.

  3. GizzaTor says:

    You know, I still dont totally understand what the difference is between a VPN and proxy. It seems like people use them interchangeably I always thought what you just described was a proxy. I am so confused!

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