Public Hotspots, Not So Hot

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Founder of SMR Hosting. avid privacy buff, volunteer at the Salvation Army, part time gamer and private IT consultant. I enjoy cooking and am an animal lover.

public_wifiPublic hotspots can make you an easy target.

You can find these wireless hotspots almost anywhere: Restaurants, airports, schools, hotels, coffee shops, and many other businesses. Most of these hotspots have no type of security which makes users easy targets for “spies” trying to steal information! What a frequent user of these hotspots has to know is that they are NOT safe.

Many people may think that because these businesses are established and successful that they are secure and that is just not the case. Even large corporations can have their hotspots breached! You may think to yourself, “Gee, no one has any reason to spy on me, I don’t have to worry about it.” However, to these data thieves you have many things to offer, such as: Your credit card numbers, you social security number, your checking and      routing number, even your account information to websites.


Well it can’t be that easy to steal data, can it?

Oh you bet it is. There is even software out there that you can download that you can use yourself to do some digging. However, I do not recommend it because it is extremely wrong, unethical, and not to mention illegal.


How do I secure my connection to public hotspots? Is it easy?

Yes! It is very easy, all you need to do is connect to a VPN (virtual private network) service! Basically what a VPN does is encrypt all the data coming and going from your connection so that no outsiders can view what is going on. Here at smrhosting we offer the best prices on VPN services and we have live support to help you around the clock to make sure things are running perfectly for you.


I don’t do much on the internet, who should use a VPN?

In my opinion; everyone. Even if you think you don’t need one because all you use the internet for is browsing or watching Hulu, there are many reasons why you should consider adding a VPN to secure your connection:


  • Checking and sending e-mail
  • Using Facebook or Myspace
  • Doing online banking
  • Using communication services such as AOL Instant Messenger or Skype


If you use public hotspots, even at school, you are subject to an invasion of your privacy. I really feel like everyone should take a few minutes and really think if they want to be “spied” on by unwanted eyes. Most people are going to say no. For those of you who say no, I suggest pumping up your internet security with our Anonymous VPN Service . A VPN is well worth having even for just a little peace of mind.

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