Pirates Ye Be Warned Six Strikes Are Here

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ISP’s are starting to hand out strikes don’t be one.



The Six Strike scheme went into effect and it could seriously effect your ISP’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. Most of the ISP’s have been pretty tight lipped about their new scheme but some of their new policies have started to trickle out. My private ISP (Bright House Networks) subscribes to a 3 step program, the first step Education consists of a simple email notice. The second step Acknowledgement is a browser based redirect that forces you to admit to breaking the law before you are allowed to use the internet again. Finally their is Mitigation Bright House says, “The final phase of the process requires the customer to call our security department for assistance to re-enable their high speed service.” They go on to say that its not a punishment they are right it is more akin to reeducation. Enough about my ISP lets talk about some of yours.


If you are a subscriber of Cox cable company then you can breathe easy they have declined to be part of the new scheme.  Subscribers of  AT&TComcast, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon on the other hand might have a little bit more to worry about.  If your ISP is on the list and you enjoy downloading the latest movies and music you should start looking for ways to get around Six Strikes by downloading P2P anonymously or you could lose your internet privileges.

Luckily for us, there are ways to avoid being reeducated by the MPAA, RIAA and your ISP. Some of these ways are even free for example TOR doesn’t cost a nickle but it is notoriously plagued by slow download speeds and possibly much worse. The better alternatives will cost you a few dollars on up to $50.00 or more per month. The two main alternatives are an anonymous VPN or a seedbox both allow you to download torrents freely. A dedicated seedbox has the potential to be faster than a VPN and your connection but dedicated servers are pretty expensive and you will have to transfer the files from the server to your workstation. Cheap VPS seed boxes are not recommended unless you find a host that doesn’t use a lot of their bandwidth. A solid VPN provider that keeps their server density low will out perform your run of the mill VPS seedbox, just make sure the VPN service you choose is torrent friendly and doesn’t keep logs. Check their privacy policy and Acceptable Use Policy before making your final decision.


No matter which anonymous VPN  or seedbox service you choose you need to put in a bit of research and find out which is best for you. Learn about anonymous surfing or buy VPN service from a trusted service provider.


Six Strikes and Your Out



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