A Free VPN is Free for a Reason!

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I am 23 years old and am majoring in Graphic Design. I love all things art, I enjoy painting with acrylics especially. I love reading, writing, playing video games and browsing the interwebs.

All this talk of VPN’s may have you guys thinking about free VPN’s out there. I am going to advise against using them because they just are not safe. You may be the thriftiest shopper of all time, but by not subscribing to a paid service you risk exposing your information to the internet world. Almost all free VPN’s are subject to hackers and spammers and their IP addresses can be easily exploited, hence why they’re free.

These free VPN’s are not safe enough for you to browse facebook, pay bills or make purchases online. The strength and security you get here at SMRhosting is enough for you to safely transmit sensitive data like your credit card numbers in online purchases and your social security number on job applications. Your details are safe from “spies” because you KNOW that your information is encrypted while being transmitted across the internet.


Here at SMRhosting we offer competitive prices, super secure encryption allowing you to securely do all of the things you are wanting to do on the internet. Such as:


  • Protecting yourself at Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Protecting your downloads from prying eyes and your ISP
  • Keeping your internet surfing safe
  • Unlocking websites or software
  • Bypassing firewalls and bandwidth shaping

With the upcoming release of our new custom VPN software there is more reasons than ever to become a subscriber of SMR Hostings anonymous VPN service. For more information check out our Anonymous VPN Service page.

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