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Founder CEO at SMR Hosting LLC
Founder of SMR Hosting. avid privacy buff, volunteer at the Salvation Army, part time gamer and private IT consultant. I enjoy cooking and am an animal lover.

40SMR Hosting is very proud to introduce our SOCKS 5 Anonymous Proxy Service 100% free to anyone with a valid VPN license from SMR Hosting. Currently there are 8 SOCKS 5 Proxies to choose and we are adding a West Coast USA server to the network within the next week. These proxies are perfect for Ad posting, Forum Account Creation, Social Media Account Creation and other SEO related services. It is also very handy for botting/Automation tasks which require fresh IP addresses. Of course the biggest use for a proxy is Bit Torrent…

Proxies excel as a  Bit Torrent solution If speed is a main concern. By using a proxy when downloading from bit torrent or from any p2p network for that matter you keep your real IP address out of the hands of the anti piracy trolls while still allowing you to use your real IP address for the rest of your online needs. A Socks 5 Proxy and our IP VPN Service are quite a bit different I will go over some of the differences with you now.

With a VPN you effectively:

  • Route all of your Internet traffic including P2P, Games, E-Mail and Browsing through the VPN client.
  • Encrypt all of the traffic via 128 – Military Spec. 256 bit encryption.
  • Secure WiFi communications.
  • Keep nosy ISP’s out of your business.
  • Encrypt your VPN log in credentials without the use of any other tool.

With a SOCKS 5 Proxy you effectively:

  • Route specific traffic through the Proxy Server, using software that supports SOCKS 5 Proxies or with a 3rd party application like proxifier.
  • Route multiple services through multiple different IP addresses at the same time.
  • Hide IP address from the site or service you are using. Your ISP can still see your traffic.
  • Get the fastest connection possible because of the ultra low overhead.


The ability to use multiple different IP addresses at the same time make Proxies ideal for certain applications. We felt that our users could really benefit from this kind of service so we decided to toss our hat into the ring. Currently our Proxy servers do not support SSH encryption SMR Hosting  plans to enable SSH encryption as soon as the service is ready to go live. Users who require more privacy can use a proxy in tandem with our VPN service to deliver a whole new level of anonymity. To gauge the potential load increase on our authentication gateways  generated from users on our Proxy servers we have decided to give access away to our anyone that subscribes to our Anonymous SSL VPN Service. The terms of SMR Hosting’s Proxy service is the same as our VPN service.  Due to the nature of the business users who want access to these proxies wave their right for a refund.


Are you ready to kick your level of anonymity into overdrive? Buy Anonymous SSL VPN Service from SMR Hosting today. If you have VPN Service with SMR Hosting and want access to our private SOCKS 5 Proxies head over to our service desk and open up a ticket.

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