Anonymous VPN Service Unlocks Online Poker But…

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Online Poker

An Anonymous VPN Service Unlocks Online Poker But Be Careful.

It takes quite a bit of work… Last week I installed a private VPN server for an online poker professional. He was not the first poker pro I have done this for. He had already purchased a server in Canada and setup a bank account and PO Box in the city where the data center is located. He finally chose a dedicated server because the last two anonymous VPN services he used had their IPs flagged and blocked due to detection methods by services such as IPQualityScore flagging the IP address as being behind a proxy or VPN. I finished setting up his server with a few ideas I wanted to try out.

I was pretty anxious to start testing my theories but before testing any theories I did some research as to how online poker sites determine if you are behind a VPN or Proxy server. I tested several VPN services that I keep emergency VPN accounts with. Most of them are shared IP VPN services and they all had a lot of IP’s flagged as a proxy/VPN.  I tested the IPs with IPQualityScore a free detection service and it performed pretty well. When tested with Maxmind a paid fraud detection service used at SMR Hosting it did a much better job of detecting the Proxy/VPN services. Not surprisingly it even picked up two of SMR Hosting’s Shared IP VPN‘s.  After extensive testing and research I can safely conclude that it is possible to buy anonymous VPN service solely to unlock online poker but there are a few requirements.

  • Static PUBLIC IP Address is Manditory. I cant stress this enough. Most of the people who get caught using a VPN for online poker are getting caught because they are sharing an IP address with other people and somewhere down the line it has been flagged as a VPN/Proxy service for a completely unrelated reason. I tested a good sized sample of static IP addresses and shared IP addresses not a single static IP was flagged as being a proxy/VPN service.
  • Connect via SSL Only.  SSL is by far the slowest VPN connection in terms of throughput but when money is on the line it is the only one I would recommend using for playing online poker. PPTP is not secure enough for online poker and is prone to DNS leaks that can cause your real IP to be determined. L2TP is secure enough but if it disconnects your internet will stay connected displaying your real IP to the world. SSL automatically disconnects from the internet if your VPN connection drops and you dont reconnect to the game in time you might lose a couple bucks at the most.
  • Check your IP.  Once in a while it is a good idea to check your IP address to make sure that it has not been flagged. Even being behind an  Anonymous Static IP SSL VPN is not always enough. Some VPN Service providers are not up front about how their static IP VPN works they don’t tell you that your still sharing the connection with other people. Even if your using our service with a static IP I would still suggest you check your IP from time to time. It is not worth losing your bankroll over.

I have been a huge poker fan for years now black Friday was pretty hard on me too. I have transitioned over to playing live exclusively, I don’t get to play as much but I don’t have to deal with the shady companies that accept American poker players. I don’t see myself traveling to Canada, Mexico or Europe to setup a bank account so that I can play internet poker but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. SMR Hosting is setting up an ultra exclusive VPN network which caters to users who only need it to play online poker. These VPN nodes are being offered in Mexico, Canada, UK and NL and are not listed in our public VPN list. The cost is $30.00 per month but you are paying for a very exclusive experience that will rival having a VPN server of your own. Ask us about our Exclusive Poker VPN Service

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