8 New VPN Servers Online in 3 Different Locations

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Founder CEO at SMR Hosting LLC
Founder of SMR Hosting. avid privacy buff, volunteer at the Salvation Army, part time gamer and private IT consultant. I enjoy cooking and am an animal lover.

We just went live with 8 new VPN servers this week. They include 3 OpenVPN servers in New Jersey, 1 OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC VPN server in Canada and 4 PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, OpenVPN servers in France. We have also implemented randomized connections to our NJ and France locations and added many new possible ports to connect to. This expansion marks the final chapter for SMR Hostings VPN service. Soon all VPN and Proxy users will be directed to  http://www.liquidvpn.com and SMR Hosting will begin its transformation into a VPS/Dedicated/Shared Hosting provider and our SEO services and web development services will finally get the space they deserve. The blog has been neglected because of the sheer amount of work we have at SMR Hosting.

The Mac version of our VPN client software is in beta right now. It is looking very good. We hope to release it at the same time LiquidVPN launches. The Windows version is in the final stages of beta and will be ready very soon.

Some of you may know that my father was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer a few weeks back and I have watched him go from a strong healthy senior to being a hospice patient in under 2 months. We took him to U of M hospital and his doctors were amazed at how fast the cancer spread. He got it back in November we didn’t find out about it until late February in about 6 months it went from a couple cells to stage 4. It is a very sad ordeal. Within a few days of being diagnosed my mom started seeing advertisements in her email and search results about miracle cures for cancer all the way down to funeral homes and home medical equipment. It is amazing on how fast the internet learns what is happening in your life. In this case the internet knew before our family knew. We have even started to get phone calls regarding treatments and it all seems to stem back from 1 website she visited back in March when she first learned about the diagnosis.

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